Add Beauty to Your Yard With Decorative Plants

See how a plant installation can improve your curb appeal in Howell, Freehold, Jackson & Manalapan Townships, NJ

When your yard needs a little sprucing up, you can count on Thorpe's Nursery & Landscape Co. for plant installation services that will make your property come alive. We provide a variety of landscaping services and grow the plants we use at our nursery in Howell, Jackson, Manalapan, & Freehold Township NJ. When you hire us to handle your planting needs, you'll be pleased with the results. We take pride in the opportunity to improve your yard and use a variety of different designs to bring out the best in your yard.

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Choose from a range of planting styles

Choose from a range of planting styles

Every home has a unique look, so it's important to choose a style of landscaping that will complement your home. When you speak with Thorpe's Nursery & Landscape Co., you'll be able to discuss different plant installation options and settle on something that will make your yard a showplace.

Some popular planting options include:

  • Privacy planting: to create a living fence
  • Front foundation planting: to line the front of your home
  • Naturalistic planting: to provide a more natural look
  • Formal planting: to create a customized design

Call Thorpe's Nursery & Landscape now and bring your yard to life with an inspiring plant installation in Howell, Jackson, Manalapan & Freehold Township NJ.