Start Cooking in Your Backyard

We install gorgeous outdoor kitchens throughout Howell, NJ

Imagine hosting an outdoor dinner on your patio. Your guests have a great time, but you spend most of the evening retrieving dishes from your indoor kitchen.

Instead of feeling like a waiter at your own home, you could use an outdoor kitchen. In Howell, NJ, Thorpe's Nursery & Landscape Co. installs outdoor kitchens that turn food preparation into a special part of every outdoor dining event. To learn about outdoor kitchens, construction or design, call 732-919-0050 today.

3 ways to incorporate an outdoor kitchen in your landscape

3 ways to incorporate an outdoor kitchen in your landscape

After decades in outdoor kitchens' construction, we have the skill to make outdoor kitchens that are brilliant additions to your property.

We'll blend them with your landscape with techniques like these three:

  1. Placing a garden of vegetables and herbs near your kitchen
  2. Lining your outdoor kitchen and dining area with vines, bushes or trees
  3. Installing a flower bed within view of your food preparation area

You'll love cooking surrounded by the sights and scents of nature. You'll enjoy it even more when you use fresh, homegrown ingredients from your own garden.